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The village of Moresco, completely surrounded by walls, rises on the top of a hill that controls the Aso valley, a position that affords a spectacular view ranging from Mount Conero to the Gran Sasso. Passing through the town centre, the eyes are enchanted by the architecture that narrates the town's medieval past. For example, its heptagonal tower, 25 metres high and dominating the entire valley, is very special: it is easy to imagine how, in past centuries, it served as a watchtower and defence tower, while today it has been transformed into a perfect place to admire the beautiful landscape of the Marche hills. Also worth seeing is the Clock Tower, dating back to the 14th century, which overlooks the gate that allows access to the village, and the historic centre, to get lost in its narrow streets and discover glimpses of rare beauty.


63826 Moresco FM, Italia

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