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The 'Balcony of the Marche', this is how Cingoli is called, rising on the summit of Mount Circe, at an altitude of over 600 metres. From the large terrace, which is located on the castle walls of medieval origin, one can admire an enchanted landscape, a painting that tells of the beauty of the Marches territory, as far as the sea, up to Mount Conero, with light brushstrokes. If, on the one hand, the historic centre is characterised by its splendid aristocratic palaces with warm colours and typical Renaissance portals and by churches that house masterpieces such as Lorenzo Lotto's Madonna del Rosario, on the other hand, the area surrounding the village is the ideal destination for nature lovers, who can enjoy the enchanting silence of the woods on the slopes of Mount San Vicino and near the Castreccioni Lake, where there is also an Adventure Park.


62011 Cingoli MC, Italia

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