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Relax and wellness

Thermal baths in Valtellina: a land of absolute well-being

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Valtellina has been a land of relaxation and well-being since the dawn of time. 

Did you know that the healing properties of the thermal waters that flow directly from the mountain have been known about and documented since Roman times? 

This makes it the perfect destination for a rejuvenating trip for both the body and mind at a high altitude, surrounded by breathtaking panoramas.

A paradise of healing waters

Having been the stars of the area since ancient times, the Valtellina thermal baths were mentioned on multiple occasions by historians Pliny the Elder and Cassiodorus. It is a particularly pleasurable experience letting yourself be pampered by the healing waters that have delighted emperors, nobles, princesses and commoners alike, and for some of the best thermal baths in the area you should definitely head to Bormio

But what is it about these internationally renowned thermal baths that makes Bormio so special? Letting yourself be tempted by the beauty of the Bormio thermal baths means immersing yourself in waters that flow directly from the mountain at a temperature of between 37°C and 40°C, perfect for treating skin and respiratory diseases, as well as rheumatic syndromes. Even if you don’t have any ailments to heal, you totally deserve a day to yourself, away from the internet, the office, social networking and everyday problems. 

There are various sites to choice from in the area, meaning there is something for everyone. In nearby Valdidentro, there are two options: QC Terme Bagni Vecchi and QC Terme Bagni Nuovi, both with histories stretching back thousands of years.

The first will leave you breathless, with its famous panoramic outdoor pool with views of the Bormio basin, while the second has outdoor pools, some of which are set in lavish gardens. 

All that’s left is to choose the one that best suits your style, although that’s easier said than done when faced with two wonderful alternatives to experience the joys of dolce far niente

If you enjoy combining relaxation with a spot of tourism, you can head to the ancient part of the Roman Baths, where there are two large baths built more than two thousand years ago. 

Full immersion in nature

When it comes to total relaxation in Valtellina, the possibilities are endless. After your thermal bath experience, nature is there to provide you with rejuvenating and unique experiences. For example, there are many facilities in the area that offer forest bathing – a total immersion of peace for you to experience on foot in the woods, soaking in all its benefits. 

Yoga with a view and glamping at high altitude

A visit to Valtellina is sure to help any stress and tension melt away. There are plenty of ways to get an immediate boost of positive energy, from practising yoga with a view of the landscape or even glamping at high altitude, for a romantic experience with all mod cons.

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