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Fourteenth stage of the Giro d'Italia 2023: from Sierre to Cassano Magnago

Let's discover the Italian beauties thanks to the Giro d'Italia. Continue through Lombardy.

22 May 2023

2 minutes

Starting from Sierre, the city located in the sunniest valley in Switzerland, the route climbs the Alps and, having reached a height difference of 1500 meters, reaches the 2004 meters of the Passo del Sempione. Going down the Italian side, it passes through Iselle and then reaches Domodossola, the heart of the most authentic Ossola, today as in the past, the fulcrum of a borderland, a crossroads of cultures and commerce. Located at the crossroads of six Alpine valleys, the city welcomes us with its historic center of rare beauty where you can find artisan shops and typical products of the Alpine valleys such as cured meats, cheeses, ancient breads and products of the Walser tradition accompanied by Valli Ossolane DOC wines. Not far from the city is certainly worth a visit to the Sacred Mount Calvary, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The road continues along the valley of the river Toce to reach Stresa, the "pearl of Lake Maggiore". Its location is the reason for much of its charm. Its historic center, with ancient palaces and noble villas, is mirrored on the lake and runs, with the look, much of the length. Among the exclusive residences can only be mentioned the suggestive Villa Pallavicino, dating back to the 19th century, the Palazzo Borromeo on Isola Bella and the numerous Liberty-style hotels that dot the lakefront, a fascinating place for romantic walks. The typical cuisine tells us about the close link between the lake and the mountain that is reflected in the wide selection of wines that go well with the vast culinary panorama.

The journey continues in Lombardy, in Varesotto, and the Somma Lombardo Flight Museum is certainly worth a visit: large exhibition spaces dedicated to the most archaic dream of man, that of finally being able to fly. The museum tells the story of flight and the various attempts made by man, through the exhibition of the various "aircraft" built over the centuries.

The half is now close and it is very close to Cassano Magnago dominated by the splendid castle built by Archbishop Ottone Visconti around 1287. To the north of the city, it is worth visiting the Boza naturalistic oasis, built on a now abandoned clay quarry, the Oasis was born from a collaboration between LIPU and the City of Cassano Magnago: the body of water, formed by rain after the cessation of excavations, has transformed over the years into a significant wet ecosystem that collects numerous species of animals and plants.

The ancient food and wine tradition of Cassano Magnago allows you to taste many delicacies that come from these lands,  such as the excellent Gorgonzola, accompanied perhaps by a passito wine produced in the territory of the IGT Ronchi Varesini.

Chef Enrico Croatti's ossobuco to taste Lombardy

The ossobuco is a recipe of the gastronomic tradition of Lombardy, to be enjoyed also in a contemporary key thanks to timeless ingredients.

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