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Cascate Del Serio


Italy’s highest waterfalls at the top of the Seriana Valley

At 315 metres and divided into three drops, the Serio Falls in Valbondione, in the upper Seriana Valley, are Italy’s highest waterfall. You can only admire them five times a year, from June to October, on four Sundays and one Saturday.

On these days, the spectacle begins with the opening of the Barbellino dam, as its waters rush over the waterfall, crashing onto the rocks below with a roar audible throughout the valley. The rest of the year, only a trickle of water falls over the cliff. If you visit on a Saturday, you can observe the night-time opening of the dam. Once darkness falls, the waterfall is illuminated by powerful spotlights, creating a magical atmosphere.

The waterfalls are only accessible by foot. You should set off from Valbondione at least two and a half hours before the start of the show and drive to Frazione Grumetti. From there, you can hike path CAI 332 towards Borgo di Maslana. In an hour and a half, you will pass several huts, cross the Piccinella bridge and reach the Maslana Flora and Fauna Observatory in the Grandi Macigni area, with fantastic views of the Falls.

If you visit on days when it is not open, you can still admire the surrounding landscape by stopping at the outlet of the Serio river. 

Cascate Del Serio

24020 Valbondione BG, Italia

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