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Life Electric


Como's homage to Alessandro Volta

Inspired by Alessandro Volta's greatest invention, this monument is an immeasurable gift to all mankind. Its two opposing sine waves over 14 metres high elegantly represent the electrical voltage generated between the two poles of the battery. It is called Life Electric and was created by superstar Daniel Libeskind to pay homage to the great scientist from Como.

Its silver structure stands on a platform in the middle of the first basin of Lake Como, in the last section of the Pietro Caldirola breakwater. Access is from the Mafalda di Savoia lakefront.

Its silver curves, illuminated with biodynamic LED lights with varying compositions, give the observer surprising optical effects and blend harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, between the waters of the lake and the mountain peaks. Particularly magical is the spectacle the monument offers at sunset, when the sine waves reflect the warm light of the setting sun, or at night, under the starry sky.

Life Electric forms one of the poles of the triad dedicated to Alessandro Volta, together with the Public Gardens Temple and the Brunate Lighthouse.

Ordina per
Life Electric

Diga foranea Piero Caldirola, 22100 Como CO, Italia

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