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The medieval soul of Zuccarello can be breathed as soon as you arrive in the small and beautiful village, founded in 1248 and guarded from above by the remains of the Del Carretto castle. The protagonist of this splendid village of narrow alleyways and ancient houses, so beautiful that it was immortalized on the cover of The Times in the 1960s, is the historical figure of Ilaria del Carretto: the path that accompanies travellers to Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena from the castle is named after her. Outside the historical centre, the late-medieval bridge crosses the Neva torrent, from which the valley takes its name, while in the medieval village, not to be missed are the characteristic old shops under the porticoes, characterized by the small windows flanking the doors, which once served as shop windows and today still tell of the atmosphere of the past, as if time had never passed.

17039 Zuccarello, Province of Savona, Italy
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