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Montemarcello, a small hamlet in the municipality of Ameglia, is a place that knows how to narrate, to those who have the desire to listen, what it means to have a soul suspended between the sea and the mountains. From its slight elevation, one can enjoy a spectacular panorama, which caresses the Golfo dei Poeti with its islands of Tino and Tinetto, and then rests on the plain of the Bocche di Magra, where the Ligurian hills soften and slope into the soft Tuscan plains. The Montemarcello-Magra-Vara Park is a treasure trove of nature and biodiversity, where you can encounter the many botanical species that inhabit it, a fauna so diverse that it gives life to landscapes that change completely within a few kilometres, and where you can admire cormorants, herring gulls, herons and kingfishers, the Park's symbolic bird. A paradise for trekking lovers, Montemarcello is the ideal place for anyone seeking contact with nature, between the silence of the hills and the timeless charm of the sea.


19031 Montemarcello SP, Italia

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