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Terme di Vulci


Relaxation and wellness in the Maremma

Nestled in the countryside of the Maremma of Tuscany and Lazio, the Terme di Vulci spa is an oasis of relaxation and wellness suitable for everyone. A true paradise for wellness lovers, these special thermal baths are located in a strategic spot, close to the ancient town of Vulci, the sea at Montalto and Capalbio, and the villages of Manciano, Saturnia and Montemerano.

The facility is surrounded by nature and has four large swimming pools that differ in colour, temperature and properties. The thermal spring water in these pools – which varies between 30 and 42 degrees – is natural, bicarbonate, sulphate, magnesium, fluoride and microbiologically pure. Due to its characteristics, it is particularly suitable for mud therapy, the treatment of dermatological diseases, vein disorders, and joint and rheumatic diseases

In short, this is a modern spa where you can rely on treatments built on ancient wisdom. More than 3,000 years ago, the Etruscans were bathing in these waters and using natural treatments to restore their vital energies. The Terme di Vulci are still the perfect destination for those seeking an experience that combines relaxation, wellness and nature.


Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM

For more information on opening hours and special openings please visit the website Vulci Thermal Baths | Opening hours

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Terme di Vulci

01011 Canino VT, Italia

Call +390761438574 Website

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