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Lazio, Flying In The Sky: soaring like a peregrine falcon

2 minutes

Flying In The Sky is the fastest zip line in the world. This thrilling experience takes you high above the Lazio coastline, over the Alban Hills and the Abruzzo mountains. It offers delightful views of olive groves and karst areas and guarantees a high-adrenaline experience, flying over the slopes of Monte Sant'Angelo, a nesting ground for peregrine falcon.
And you will feel exactly like this swooping bird of prey as you soar over the city of Latina.

From Rocca Massima to Monte Sant'Angelo

Flying In The Sky is a real thrill ride, starting from the small medieval village of Rocca Massima in the Leprini Mountains and ending on the slopes of Monte Sant'Angelo.  At 2.2 kilometres, it is one of the longest zip lines in the world. 

The launch platform stands at an altitude of 730 metres. Strapped into your harness, you can experience this fantastic experience in total safety: approved and certified technical equipment will hook you to a steel cable with a diameter of 22 millimetres, supported by two pylons, as you are carried for several minutes by a trolley.

You will launch off the platform like a rocket, travelling at an average speed of 110 kilometres per hour, with a peak speed of 172 kilometres per hour, making Flying In The Sky one of the fastest zip lines in the world. 

Suspended at a dizzying maximum height of 310 metres above the ground, you can take in the stunning panoramic views of light and shadows. 

Your final destination is Monte Sant'Angelo, in the village of Le Feora. You will brake safely and land on the arrival ramp, 380 metres above the ground.

A tip for walking enthusiasts

We highly recommend making the most of the scenic beauty that the site has to offer. Once you reach your destination at Le Feora, you can wait for the shuttle bus to take you back to your starting point, or you can return on foot, along the second section of CAI 736 route. This 5-kilometre circuit will immerse you in nature for a couple of hours, at an altitude of 300 metres.

Different flight experiences

What makes this particular zip line stand out from all the other experiences offering the thrill of being suspended in the air is its high accessibility. Flying In The Sky is designed to allow people with disabilities to be able to take part, since no athletic training is required.

Also suitable for children, this “peregrine falcon flight” has few restrictions. You can choose to take flight solo or with a partner, if you are seized by the romance of the experience... or more likely by fear! For an even more atmospheric experience, you can opt for a night flight.

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