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Terracina is an ancient village,which rises high above the sea, on the route of the Southern Via Francigena. It welcomes you with its ancient, maritime atmosphere, with its warm hospitality and its cuisine that makes you fall in love. Just walk up to the central square and you will immediately see the two symbols of the town: the sea, immense and shining, and the Temple of Jupiter Anxur, part of a monumental complex that formed the acropolis, located on Monte Sant'Angelo. From here the view is spectacular, caressing the gulf, the Pontine islands, and sometimes as far as Ischia and Capri. Around all this, the force of the sea, which can be breathed in through the alleys, fills the air and insinuates itself into every detail, as in the decorations of the church of San Cesareo: here the mosaic on the portico depicts an ancient seafaring theme and perhaps recounts the crusaders' voyage over the immense sea. Or maybe it tells of today, of life in front of the endless waves.


04019 Terracina LT, Italia

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