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Via Santa Marinella & Via Santa Severa


Santa Marinella and Santa Severa in Lazio: pearls of the Tyrrhenian Sea

In the wonderful region of Latium, there are small pearls that will dazzle you with their beauty: such as Santa Marinella, the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea in Latium, and the hamlet of Santa Severa, a relaxing place for a plunge into history.


Sand, rocks and Art Nouveau villas: holiday in Santa Marinella

Jewel of the Roman coastline in the province of Rome, Santa Marinella is characterised by the numerous coves to suit all tastes, both sandy and rocky, with the many Art Nouveau summer residences, the result of the fashion among the upper middle class in the early 20th century, which make the landscape unique.


Paradise for surfers and divers

A true paradise dedicated to relaxation, but at the same time a vital one: it is frequented all year round by holidaymakers from Rome and beyond, but is above all a popular destination for surfing enthusiasts and fans of diving and underwater fishing.

The Santa Marinella seabed offers a magnificent landscape thanks to the wealth of inlets, rocks and stones transformed by time into habitual dens for numerous species of Mediterranean marine fauna.

Continuing southwards along the coast to the Majorca Park area, the series of terraced pile dwellings is very attractive. These are typical small wooden houses resting on pillars, also made of wood, that follow one another, creating a certainly picturesque landscape. From Capolinaro onwards, the coastline changes again, becoming, for almost its entire length, full of sandy beaches and well-equipped establishments where you can relax and sunbathe in peace.


When Gregory Peck and Rock Hudson used to holiday here

A holiday resort that became very fashionable in the 1950s, it was a popular destination for Italian and foreign film stars such as Dino Risi, Marcello Mastroianni, Vittorio Gassman, Gregory Peck, Rock Hudson and Ingrid Bergman.
However, Santa Marinella's history is ancient and originates in prehistoric times, as evidenced by some archaeological findings on the Via Aurelia such as the small Etruscan sanctuary.

Ships from all over the Mediterranean and especially from Carthage used to dock here, but it was the Punics who identified this place as Statio ad Punicum, later to become Castra Novum under the rule of the Roman Empire, which chose it as a resort area for the senatorial class.


The hamlet of Santa Severa

In the municipality of Santa Marinella, only 50 kilometres from the capital and still along the Via Aurelia, we also find the enchanting seaside resort of Santa Severa. It is one of the most renowned tourist resorts on the Tyrrhenian coast with a point of interest that makes all history enthusiasts fall in love with it: its marvellous, medieval fortress that stands in the ancient Etruscan settlement of Pyrgi.

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Via Santa Marinella & Via Santa Severa

Via Santa Marinella & Via Santa Severa, 00066 Manziana RM, Italy

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