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San Felice Circeo


San Felice Circeo has a history that is intertwined with myth: it was here that Ulysses landed, seduced by the Sorceress Circe. This perched village, built on a promontory to watch over the sea and its possible dangers, has maintained traces of medieval architecture in its appearance. But the heart of the town is its sea: not to be missed is a boat trip around the promontory, or the splendid ascent to Monte Circeo, which on one side goes through a fragrant ilex grove while on the other it winds along the hillside, but in both cases guarantees a unique spectacle. Finally, to properly conclude a trip to this village, one must try its cuisine, which, in addition to traditional seafood dishes, offers delicious cheeses and fine, elegant wines.

San Felice Circeo

04017 San Felice Circeo LT, Italia

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