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In the footsteps of the Sabatini

In the most authentic heart of Lazio, the province of Rieti stretches between rivers and lakes in a predominantly mountainous territory, surrounded by the Sabini and Reatini Mountains. Located in the north-east of the region, it borders, along the Tiber, the province of Viterbo, the capital and the region of Umbria.

Unspoilt nature amidst parks and protected areas, history and ancient traditions, Franciscan sanctuaries, fortresses and castles come together in a province whose origins go back to the times of the ancient Italic people of the Sabines. Visiting the towns and villages that characterise the area is an experience not to be missed. Take a tour around the town of Sabina and be sure to visit the Abbey of Farfa, an ancient monastery named after the nearby river Farfarus.

The regional capital, Rieti, is also called “the navel of Italy” due to its geographical location. Dominated by the summit of Terminillo, it is an excellent tourist destination particularly appreciated for its tranquillity and beauty. Among the monuments and main places of interest is the Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

Once you have finished exploring the surroundings, refresh yourself with traditional cuisine. Typical dishes include spelt with Leonessa truffles, strangozzi alla reatina and sagne scandrigliesi.

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