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On the slopes of Mount Scalambra, Piglio overlooks the Sacco Valley and offers a panorama rich in vineyards and olive groves. At the highest point of the village stands the Colonna Castle built around the year 1000. The position of the castle and the village constitute an interesting example of military and urban architecture.
Pope John Paul II used to go to Piglio for his moments of relaxation and prayer and in his honour a path has been laid out on which numerous phrases of the Pontiff are engraved.
Piglio is part of the Cesanese DOCG red wine production area. The native vine of Lazio is celebrated with a festival in October. It is also possible to visit the villages along the Cesanese road by means of the cycle-pedestrian path, from the Paliano station to Fiuggi, in a scenic route about 22 km long.

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03010 Piglio FR, Italia

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