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Orvinio is the highest inhabited centre of the Lucretili Mountains and rises in an enchanting place, where people can admire, at Pratarelle, the greatest concentration of wild orchids in the entire area. And if the landscape enchants with its beauty, the village fascinates with its stories: it is said, in fact, that the Church of Santa Maria del Piano was built at the behest of Charlemagne, after the victory over the Saracens in 817. Outside, beyond the walls, there are woods, caves and caverns. And, among the gastronomic traditions, there is the 'aglione', a garlic-based sauce, and the 'cecamariti', a pasta format to which a festival is also dedicated: the name derives from the fact that they 'fooled the husbands', seeming complex to prepare while instead they are very simple and quick.


02035 Orvinio RI, Italia

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