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The archaeological site of the Villa of Tiberius


Where the Roman emperor used to relax

It was back in 1957, near Sperlonga, during the construction of the coastal road between Terracina and Gaeta, when an extraordinary archaeological site was discovered, rich in marbles and various fragments. It was soon confirmed to be the villa of Tiberius, Roman emperor from 14 to 37 AD.

The villa, sat on a picturesque cliff overlooking the ocean, dates back to the late Roman Republic and originally boasted several terraces overlooking the sea. On particularly peaceful days and with a little imagination, you can still hear the voices of courtiers enjoying the banquets and gatherings that used to be held in the Grotto of Tiberius, among triclinia, marble, mosaics and large pools. Today, you can still appreciate its large fishponds and the cave in which you can find some famous sculptures from the Ulysses cycle, including the impressive group of Polyphemus and Scylla.

The archaeological site of the Villa of Tiberius and its museum are located just outside Sperlonga and are accessible by car or on foot.  It is a 15-minute walk from the town centre.

The archaeological site of the Villa of Tiberius

Torre Truglia, 04029 Sperlonga LT, Italia

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