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Torrita Tiberina


The Tevere-Farfa Cycling Tour: a non-competitive ride in nature

Summer cycling along the Tiber river

Cycling is an amazing experience, capable of combining personal gratification with a sense of absolute freedom given by the speed. When we bike, we feel like we are flying! 


A route along the Tiber, or rather three

There is a yearly event along the Tiber, born from the love of biking, the search for natural beauty and the desire to test our limits: that's the Tevere-Farfa Cycling Tour. In this non-competitive event, organised by the cycling association "Ruote Grasse". There are no judges or chronometers, but only routes immersed in the beauty of the place and the desire to have fun.

The association suggests three different routes so that anyone, depending on their level of training, can find the most suitable option. The most experienced cyclists will be able to tackle the "Long" route, which, as its name implies, is the most challenging one, with its 41 kilometres and 900 metres of elevation gain. With its dirt roads that touch hills and villages along the Tiber, it is the most scenic route. 

The "Medium" route is for experienced but less trained cyclists or, more simply, for those who want to participate but also enjoy a ride in the open air: it takes 27 kilometres for an elevation gain of no more than 600 metres. Finally, the "Short" route is more comfortable and suitable for everyone, 24 kilometres and 100 metres of elevation gain, crossing the wonderful nature nourished by the Tiber and allowing to breathe its scents and a sense of complete freedom.


Wonders for all

The beauty of the environment in which the event takes place is disarming: the Tiber Valley, from the village of Torrita Tiberina to the Nazzano Tevere-Farfa Nature Reserve, passing through the towns of Nazzano, Ponzano Romano and Filacciano, each of them offering incredible views of the river, its fertile countryside and the surrounding mountains.

And there is certainly no shortage of wonders, as the different trails lead into the Nazzano Tevere-Farfa Nature Reserve, a wetland area irresistibly charming thanks to the constant play of light and reflections offered by its pools of water.

In this marvellous setting, it is natural to enrich the event with collateral sports initiatives: walking tours, boat tours on the Tiber River, canoe rides, kayaks, dragon boats and other outdoor activities both for adults and children. For the outdoors lovers there is plenty of choice!

Credit to: Horcrux

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