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Cervara di Roma


Only 400 inhabitants for a seductive village, perched along the slopes of the Simbruini Mountains, amidst meadows and beech forests. It has been loved by the many artists who have organized exhibitions and events here, making it famous, left murals and sculptures in the rock; or have 'sung' it, such as Ennio Morricone: a thank you to the village, to nature, to hospitality. Don't miss the Parish Church and the Church of Santa Maria della Portella, the Fortress, the Mountain Museum, the Astronomical Observatory. And to be tasted, with the calm and tranquillity that is a must here, are fettuccine with truffles, porcini mushrooms and mutton; local pecorino and ricotta cheeses; and all the specialities of Latium mountain cuisine. Because Cervara stretches from 400 to 1600 metres, the peaks exceed 2000 metres, and in the unspoilt hamlet of Campaegli there are memorable walks and horseback rides, dog sledding and cross-country skiing. Outdoor in short, in all seasons.

Cervara di Roma

00020 Cervara di Roma RM, Italia

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