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Castro dei Volsci


Castro dei Volsci stands on a low plateau overlooking the plain. Its landscape is varied and astonishingly beautiful, with mountains, softer heights, plains, woods, streams and ditches. A rich and diverse life has sprung up here, and the eye is enchanted by the many trees, flowers and beautiful, showy butterflies that inhabit these places. The town still recounts, in its town planning and architecture, its medieval past, with narrow alleys, stone houses, arches and portals, ancient shops and, above all, the four gates that give access to the hamlet, three of which allow you to enter the outer circuit and one, the Porta della Valle, is the entrance to the historic heart. Finally, we would like to mention the Mama Ciociara Monument, in memory of the victims of the French soldiers during the Second World War.

Castro dei Volsci

03020 Castro dei Volsci FR, Italia

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