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Campodimele is a village perched on the top of a hill, and from its panoramic points you can admire a landscape of double beauty: on one side, towards Monte Faggeto, the view sweeps as far as the Gulf of Gaeta, while on the other it reaches Monte Ruazzo. The ancient walls are still accessible and the walkway bears the evocative name of 'via dell'amore' (way of love). This medieval village is known to be the country 'of longevity': studies have even been carried out on the population here, in an attempt to learn the secrets of long life. Perhaps one of them is the food: here the products are genuine and of the highest quality, such as the famous PDO cicerchia, a legume from the Middle East, which grows on poor soil and is one of the typical flavours of the village.


04020 Campodimele LT, Italia

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