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Bassano In Teverina


Bassano in Teverina is one of several municipalities that overlook the Tiber valley on the eastern side of the Viterbo area. The old village, gathered around the castle and the Romanesque church of Santa Maria dei Lumi, has been largely restored.
The village retains a curious defensive tower, the Clock Tower, which surprisingly hides the ancient 11th-century Romanesque bell tower of the Church of the Lumi inside.
The Fontana Vecchia, erected in 1576 by Cardinal Madruzzo, the Church of the Immaculate Conception and the Church of the Madonna della Quercia, built between 1674 and 1678 to house a tile with an image of the Madonna and Child, complete the walk through the centre of Bassano.

Bassano In Teverina

01030 Bassano In Teverina VT, Italia

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