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Atina 'the mighty': this is how Virgil defines the city founded by Saturn, on a hill overlooking the Melfa River and the Comino Valley, surrounded by polygonal walls that are still partly visible, in a landscape of green hills. The monumental Porta dell'Arco invites you to stroll through the historic centre among small squares, palaces embellished with ancient artefacts, up to the Ducal Palace, with its beautiful mullioned windows with two lights and Gothic portal on the façade, and the chapel of Sant'Onofrio inside, a small 14th-century frescoed jewel. Around it, there is the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta, built between 1725 and 1746 over the primitive early Christian cathedral, and perhaps even over the remains of the temple of Saturn, and the Bishop's Palace. But Atina is much more than a delightful village. Lively in summer with the international jazz festival, it is also lively at the table. Don't miss the Fagiolo Cannellino Bianco di Atina DOP, and the ruby red, velvety and full-bodied Cabernet Atina DOC.


03042 Atina FR, Italia

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