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At Malcesine sul Garda, for skiing or a stroll with a lake view

You can ski while enjoying a lake view on Monte Baldo

01 August 2022

3 minutes

You can ski while enjoying a lake view on Monte Baldo.
Your base will be the village of Malcesine on Lake Garda. In winter, you can easily reach the Malcesine-Monte Baldo cable car from here to enjoy a day in the snow, a snowshoe hike, snowboarding acrobatics or a lunch of local specialities in a refuge.
To then return to the shore, visit the village, go shopping or relax on the lakefront, there or in the nearby, beautiful Torri del Benaco.

1. The Malcesine-Monte Baldo cable car

The Malcesine-Monte Baldocable car is open ten months of the year and in just 15 minutes takes you up to an altitude of 1,760 metres, offering breathtaking views of the lake and Val di Sogno, the hills and the mountains along the way.

There are three ski resorts. The one in the valley is in Malcesine, the second is in San Michele at an altitude of 580 metres and the highest is in Tratto Spino. From up here, you have access to the paragliding take-off area, hiking trails and ski slopes. But also to huts and restaurants for refreshments before descending down the mountain on a snowboard.

2. Skiing on Monte Baldo

The Baldo Snowpark has a thousand attractions. For skiing, beginners will find a ski school and an equipped slope. Those who are already experienced can enjoy the famous Prà Alpesina, the most challenging run also used for national and international competitions. Linger until sunset to see Lake Garda from above, illuminated by a special light.


3. Hiking with a sensational view

Those who prefer to enjoy nature at a slower pace can take one of the trails leading to the Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona or the Hermitage of San Benigno.

The route up to Monte Corona begins at Passo Pramollo. After the first steep section, you come out onto a panoramic terrace with a wonderful 360° view of the Carnic Pre-Alps, the Julian Alps, Monte Cavallo and the Austrian Gail Valley. Don't miss a visit to the Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, inhabited by monks since the year 1000 when it was accessed via a path carved into the rock. 

The Hermitage of San Benigno e Caro is reached through a dense forest reminiscent of those of fairy tales. The hermitage dates back to the 8th century and became famous when King Pepin, son of Charlemagne, went there to listen to the hermits Benigno and Caro living there. Continuing past the hermitage, admire the wrought iron cross on the rocky outcrop.


4. Malcesine, village on the lake

The village of Malcesine is watched over by the Scaligero Castle, a symbol of this place offering magnificent panoramic views. The village is located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, perched on a tongue of rock jutting into the water, and has fascinated famous travellers such as Goethe and Gustav Klimt over time.

Lose yourself in the medieval alleys of the historic centre that climb up to the castle before visiting the rooms that house the Baldo Natural History Museum. Palazzo dei Capitani, the former seat of the Capitano del Lago, is near the harbour. Its Venetian-era architecture now houses the public library and cultural spaces. 

5. The hamlet of Cassone di Malcesine

The small hamlet of Cassone is just four kilometres from the centre of Malcesine. It overlooks the lake and offers picturesque views.

It is crossed by the world's shortest river, the Aril, which measures just 175 metres. The lakeside promenade is the same one that Klimt featured in his painting Kirche in Cassone am Gardasee.

6. Lake Garda flavours

After a morning on the slopes, a quick lunch in a chalet and an afternoon of shopping in Malcesine, it's time to enjoy a dinner on the shore, sampling the local specialities.

Order a dish of lake fish, choosing between perch, whitefish or lake sardines. Savour some Garda extra virgin olive oil, a true excellence resulting from a long tradition.
And don't overlook a good Veneto wine. The most popular? Lugana, Bardolino and Valpolicella.