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Sailing holidays or mini day cruises: Italy viewed from the sea is even more beautiful

Are you looking for a holiday that is all about freedom and carefreeness, in the company of close friends or on your own? Then a sailing trip is just what you need.

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Whether it's a day trip, a mini cruise or a full-scale sailing holiday makes little difference: you will discover the most beautiful seas, sleep at anchor and watch the sun set over the sea.

Sardinia and islands such as the Aeolian Islands or the Tremiti are popular destinations for those who love holidays at sea in Italy, but the Mediterranean Sea is also well worth exploring by boat far and wide.

The good thing is that you don't have to be a sea dog to fully enjoy its wonders: sailing tours in Italy can offer unique experiences for young and old, and an unusual perspective of a country that when viewed from the sea is even more beautiful.

Sailing boat trips in Liguria: the attractions of the gulf of La Spezia

Sailing boat trips in Liguria: the attractions of the gulf of La Spezia

A mini cruise in Liguria is ideal for those who want to explore enchanting places. Picturesque views and seaside villages are just some of the wonders that will capture your attention. Sailing from Lerici, the pearl of the Golfo dei Poeti, you will appreciate the famous castle, which overlooks the sea with a 168-step staircase.

Heading east, here is Tellaro, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, surrounded by colourful houses and small harbours.

You will make the famous crossing of the poet Lord Byron, travelling along the stretch of sea separating Lerici from Portovenere and reaching the so-called Grotta Byron, one of the most striking inlets of the Portovenere Regional Park. The view of the church of San Pietro, built on the remains of the temple dedicated to Venus (hence the name of the La Spezia coastline), a goddess who, according to legend, was born in these very waters, is unforgettable.

You will make your way to the island of Palmaria, with its high cliffs overlooking the water, and to the island of Tino, recognisable by its triangular, rocky shape. These enchanting places are, not surprisingly, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, together with the Cinque Terre.

Sailing boat trips in Tuscany: discovering the Argentario coastline

Sailing boat trips in Tuscany: discovering the Argentario coastline

A sailing trip to the Tuscan Archipelago is also an ideal way to spend a day discovering the local beauty spots.

From Porto Santo Stefano, Castiglione della Pescaia or the Island of Elba, sail to the islands of Giglio and Giannutri, the two southernmost pearls of the area. These are places where the splendid marine environment and the richness of the flora and fauna blend together with history and culture. It will be a full immersion in the wildest and most unspoilt nature, in the deep blue of the jagged Mediterranean coastline, with excursions to the countless hidden coves and dives into the crystal-clear waters.

Sailing boat trips in Lazio: an archipelago of enchanting islands

sailing boat excursions lazio

Another short, refreshing break you can enjoy is in the crystal-clear waters of the Pontine Islands. There are six of them, and they are only 100 km from Rome: Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, Ventotene, Santo Stefano and Ponza (the largest), from which the archipelago takes its name. All set in a sea of breathtaking depths.

You will sail the routes of the ancient Roman sailing ships, places rich in history and tradition. Explore romantic coves in which to moor, surrounded by paradisiacal spots, and admire the natural arches, stacks and a magnificent rocky and hilly landscape, lulled by waves in surprising colours.

Sailing boat trips in Campania: the Divine Amalfi Coast and the Cilento Coast

sailing boat excursions campania

A sailing boat tour on the two coasts of Campania will delight you with the diversity of the marine scenery. From the Punta Campanella Nature Reserve to the Li Galli Islands, passing through Praiano, the Fjord of Furore and the Conca dei Marini, the Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline extending east of the Sorrento Peninsula. It will enchant you with its jagged cliffs, small beaches and pastel-coloured fishing villages.

The Cilento Coast, between the Gulf of Salerno and the Gulf of Policastro, is more rugged. You will sail the pristine waters of the bays of Trentova, Punta Licosa, Acciaroli, Palinuro, Marina di Camerota, Punta degli Infreschi, and Scario. You will journey among caves and rocks overlooking a sea that has been awarded the Blue Flag several times, among coves and promontories dominated by ancient watchtowers, rich vegetation and precious marine fauna.

Sailing boat trips in Calabria: a mini cruise on the Costa degli Dei

sailing boat excursions calabria

If you choose this scenic mini cruise, you can admire the beautiful Costa degli Dei, from Tropea to Capo Vaticano. There are hidden coves, shaped by winds and strong currents, attractions such as the Grotta Azzurra, Baia di Riaci and Praia i Focu, granite cliffs resembling dragons and mythological creatures. A journey beyond reality, made up of plays of light and fairytale images, evoking legends and stimulating the peace of the senses.

Sailing boat trips in Apulia: along the Adriatic Coast

sailing boat excursions puglia

The final sailing trip we suggest is along the Adriatic Coast, departing from Santa Maria di Leuca and arriving in Castro.

Navigating the marvellous Salento sea, you will visit the Grottoes of the Versante di Levante, following the winds of the Otranto Channel. Among the most atmospheric: the Grotta del Soffio and the Grotta degli Innamorati. A majestic yet intimate natural setting will welcome you and you will be, at least for a day, spirited away from the deafening noise of everyday life.

If you only have a few days' holiday, mini cruises are the way to go!

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