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Everything you need to know about the 2023 winter sales in Italy

One of the craziest races of the year is about to begin, and we are not talking about a sports competition.

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In Italy, on 5 January - with the exception of Sicily where they will start on the 2nd - the 2023 winter sales will begin: holding back from shopping will be almost impossible.

Festive shop windows and Christmas illuminations that are still lit are the icing on the cake of shopping sprees at bargain prices.

From the big names of made in Italy to artisan workshops, from design shops to multi-brand shops of emerging artists and fashion designers via traditional food shops: the sales in Italy are an opportunity to splurge on a few treats. Indulging in sumptuous half-price gifts will give a stylish twist to your wardrobe, as well as a touch of Italian style to your homes.

Ready to grab the best discounts? From north to south, let's find out the start and end dates and duration of the January sales for each region.

Where to shop during the 2023 winter sales

sales where to shop

The 2023 sales in Milan as well as in Rome, Naples, Bologna, Palermo, Turin and in all the major Italian cities will give even those who are only passing through Italy on business the chance to take advantage of their lunch breaks to snap up iconic items at reduced prices.

Wandering around Italy's most fashionable cities and strolling through the most famous shopping streets will be an even more enjoyable experience.

The 2023 winter sales and outlets

outlet sales

Yet not all shops, especially when it comes to luxury brands, participate in the sales. Here, directing attention to the outlets becomes a winning strategy: the spoils will not be from the current season, but this does not mean letting dreams go unfulfilled - far from it.

In Tuscany, as in Lazio, but also in Piedmont, Lombardy, and Campania, you can take advantage of the 2023 winter sales to grab bargains in one of the region's most famous outlets.

The addresses to mark in your diary in this case are the Barberino Designer Outlet, The Mall Firenze and the Valdichiana Village in Tuscany; the Serravalle outlet in Piedmont; the Mantova Village or the Franciacorta Village in Lombardy; the Reggia outlet in Campania; the Castel Romano outlet in Lazio. The list of Made in Italy brands in these shopping citadels is very impressive, and covers everything from clothing to household items via accessories.

The golden rules for bargain-hunting in the 2023 winter sales

balances golden rules

Here are a few simple tips for grabbing the sale of the century in January 2023: ways to take advantage of the sales in every season, which become real lifelines during the sales.

Make a clear list of what you want to buy and, if you have time, go to the shop before the sales start.

Especially during the first few days of the sales, shop assistants do not have time to give anyone advice: clarifying your ideas beforehand could be a good strategy for not making rash purchases.

The golden rule, however, is always the same: look at the price tag, which must show the original price, the percentage of the reduction and then the price paid.

Finally, go for the evergreens. The must-haves of the season are all very well, but buying a timeless garment, even better if it is beautifully made, will guarantee that you will wear it for a very long time. It will benefit the environment but also your style. Italy and its many authentic shops, where you can find true Made in Italy items, are the ideal destination to find the perfect garment at a discounted price.

Winter sales 2023: the dates, region by region

sales dates by region

To find out when the winter sales begin in Milan rather than Rome, here is the complete calendar of the start and end dates of the 2023 winter sales region by region, released by Confcommercio:

2023 Winter sales in Abruzzo: 5 January (for a maximum of 60 days)

2023 Winter sales in Basilicata: 5 January - 2 March

2023 Winter Sales in Bolzano: 5 January - 18 February

2023 Winter Sales in Calabria: 5 January - 28 February

2023 Winter Sales in Campania: 5 January - 2 April

2023 Winter Sales in Emilia-Romagna: 5 January - 5 March

2023 Winter Sales in Friuli-Venezia Giulia: 5 January - 31 March

2023 Winter Sales in Lazio: 5 January - 15 February

2023 Winter Sales in Liguria: 5 January - 18 February

2023 Winter Sales in Lombardy: 5 January - 5 March

2023 Winter Sales in Marche: 5 January - 1 March

2023 Winter Sales in Molise: 5 January - 5 March

2023 Winter Sales in Piedmont: 5 January - 28 February

2023 Winter Sales in Apulia: 5 January - 28 February

2023 Winter Sales in Sardinia: 5 January - 5 March

2023 Winter Sales in Sicily: 2 January - 15 March

2023 Winter Sales in Tuscany: 5 January - 5 March

2023 Winter Sales in Trento: 5 January - 5 March

2023 Winter Sales in Valle d'Aosta: 5 January - 31 March

2023 Winter Sales in Veneto: 5 January - 28 February

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