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Archaeological Museum of Teanum Sidicinum


A magnificent example of late Gothic architecture, the monumental complex was built in the area of the early medieval castle on the acropolis and the lower town of Teano by the powerful Marzano family in the 14th century. Divided into two naves, covered by cross vaults supported by pointed arches, the building, now belonging to the municipality, was used from the beginning as a courtroom, armoury or as a reception for the nobility (the so-called Cavallerizza). Following historical events and natural occurrences, considerable changes were made to the structure. In the 17th century, the upper floor was still in evidence, but then collapsed due to an earthquake and was no longer able to be rebuilt, instead it was replaced by several buildings, thereby creating the large, panoramic terrace, known as the Loggione, which today hosts artistic events and public meetings.


Sunday - Monday
08:30 am-07:30 pm
Wednesday - Saturday
08:30 am-07:30 pm
Ordina per
Archaeological Museum of Teanum Sidicinum
Via Nicola Gigli, 23, 81057 Teano CE, Italia
Call +390823657302 Website

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