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Nusco is an interweaving of stone and landscape, history and sky.

Its centre, gently sloping down from a hill, has been the protagonist of a splendid restoration and renovation project that has brought the ancient stone back to life and recreated its beauty, a beauty that has once again enchanted the eyes of travellers who come across it. The heart of the village is its bell tower: 33 metres high, imposing, regal.

Also worth seeing is the cathedral, dedicated to Saint Amato, the town's first bishop and now its patron saint.

Strolling through the historic centre, we will also notice stone portals, coats of arms of the nobility, votive shrines, arches and small squares, narrow alleys and equally narrow stairways, elements that will take us back in time and move us with their simple wonder.



83051 Nusco AV, Italia

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