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The village of Civita at the foot of the Pollino and in the vicinity of the Basse 'Gorge' of the Raganello torrent, is set in a naturalistic context of great value. The city stands on the site of the ancient Latin village of 'Castrum Sancti Salvatoris', which was later renamed 'Civita' by some refugees from southern Albania around the end of the 15th century.

The Italo-Albanian ethnic minorityhas a strong role in the area and its identity is protected and promoted, for example by the Ethnic Museum of Arberesh Culture a very active place for cultural exchange and encounter. The location can be discovered either by a historical-artistic route, such as the chimney route and Kodra houses with a curious architecture reminiscent of human features, both with a nature trail in Raganello 'gorge'characterised in its Bass Gorge by a morphological conformation reminiscent of Dante's bolge, a habitat characterised by rich biodiversity. Finally, don't miss the Devil's Bridge, one of the symbols of the Pollino Park, with its characteristic donkey back structure, the construction of which is linked to a series of myths and legends.


87010 Civita CS, Italia

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