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Moliterno is a village that combines history, traditions and flavours. The village is perched around its majestic medieval castle, beneath which is a maze of cobbled alleys and ancient dwellings. There are many things to admire and do here, but to delve into the heart of the village, one must attend two events: the patronal feast of St. Dominic, St. Christopher and St. Nicholas, which takes place on 4 August and unites the entire population in religious events, particularly the procession, and civil ones; the international review 'Moles Aeterna' (Popular Theatre Workshop) organised by the 'U Cirnicchiu' Folk Group, which recounts the wonder of local folk traditions. And not to be missed is a taste of Canestrato, a tasty pecorino cheese steeped in history that has obtained PGI recognition and can tell the soul of the territory with its flavour.


85047 Moliterno PZ, Italia

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