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Guardia Perticara


The Saurus valley is dominated by Guardia Perticara, a village of ancient origin that the Saracens destroyed in the 10th century. Also known as the 'village of stone houses' because the characteristic historic centre is full of stone houses and palaces, perched and separated by narrow alleys and steep stairways, the settlement was reborn after the earthquake of 1980 and has become a model of restoration that respects traditional pre-existences.

The Chiesa Madre and the 17th-century Montano Palace, venue for exhibitions and displays, stand out on the main square. Also worth a visit is the Church of St Anthony and Our Lady of Saurus, a wooden work to which the population is very devoted, taken every year in May and August to the Chiesa Madre, where it can be seen. Piazza Europa was the set for some filming of the film 'Christ Stopped at Eboli' by Francesco Rosi.

In August, the village also comes alive thanks to the 'Salotti nel borgo' event: the streets and squares are animated with cultural meetings, tastings of typical products, concerts, guided tours and entertainment.

Guardia Perticara

85010 Guardia Perticara PZ, Italia

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