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Grottole is immersed in a magnificent landscape, between the Basento and Bradano rivers, and its territory is part of the San Giuliano Regional Reserve, an oasis of scenic beauty to be explored and immersed in a silent and enchanted world. Outside the old town, on a hill is the Castle, with its central tower, an ancient lookout to protect the town. In the heart of the village, on the other hand, the imposing and mysterious remains of the Church of Saints Luke and Julian, commonly known as the Diruta Church, are a must-see: its ruined appearance is striking and fascinating, and seems to tell very ancient and exciting stories. Finally, not to be missed is the 'Krùptai, Culture, Handicrafts and Tradition' event, organized every year to highlight and narrate local craftsmanship and know-how.


75010 Grottole MT, Italia

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