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Acerenza is a small Lucanian village with a very ancient history that rises on the top of a hill from which you can enjoy a splendid panorama. Its architectural symbol is the cathedral: dating back to the 11th century, it enchants with its Romanesque style with Gothic influences and its crypt rich in precious paintings (those depicting Apostles, Doctors of the Church and Founders of Orders are splendid); it also houses important 16th-century panels and beautiful frescoes. It was here in Acerenza that the bronze statuette linked to the cult of an Acheruntine Hercules was found, one of the most precious testimonies of the warrior god, now on display at the National Archaeological Museum of Basilicata. But here, history is also expressed through events: not to be missed is the re-enactment 'From the Lombards to the Normans, history of a Cathedral' focusing on the events that characterized the construction of the Cathedral in the transition from Lombard to Norman domination.


85011 Acerenza PZ, Italia

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