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Abruzzo: Swup Bike Park

Abruzzo, home of the mountain bike

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Once the snow has melted, the karst plateau of Campo Felice is transformed into one of the most popular mountain bike areas in Italy.

the Swup Bike Park. There's something for everyone along the Abruzzo Apennines, in the L'Aquila area: freeride, downhill, slope style and cross country tracks, beginners' trails, and even a Fun Kids Area, especially for the little ones. Ready to go?

Freeride tracks: for those who love technique and speed

Located on the side of the Brecciara chairlift, the C Line course is a favourite for freeriding, with its 1,700 metres in length and an altitude difference of 250 metres. Requiring special technical skills, it is aimed at more experienced bikers.

The Chupa Line is suitable for everyone, with ramps and drops lending a soft touch to beginners and setting the pace for the more energetic. For those who like whizzing along rocks, there is the Rock Way, a variant of the Chupa Line, offering 400 metres of bends in the dry bed of a mountain river.

Downhill and slope style: hybrid slopes and variants with ramps and drops

The most popular, due to its walkability, is the B Line, a downhill track that also plays host to many sports competitions. Equally important is the E Line, also known as the Cup Line, which actually hosted the Italian Downhill Cup competition for the first time in central Italy in 2010. The unusual construction, with 80% reliance on mechanical means, and the large dimensions make this track smooth and full of winding sections.

Then there is the highlight of the Swup Bike Park: the Gasoline, a hybrid track that fuses downhill characteristics with slope style, an extreme and spectacular discipline. You can give free rein to carrying out tricks and manoeuvres on bumps and wooden modules not only on this circuit, but also on the Handwood or North Shore Line, which features more than twenty (wooden) structures including bridges, walkways, ramps and drops.

Cross country and beginners' trails: trails for every level of difficulty

Off-road fans will be delighted with Forca Miccia, the ring-shaped cross-country course, which circles the park for some 25 kilometres and leaves bikers speechless, with breathtaking climbs and panoramic descents.

Another circular route is the Pump Track, which, with its bumps and curves, allows for riding without pedalling, using the pumping technique, and is particularly suitable for first-time adults and children.

The Snowtubing slope, with synthetic surface and treadmill lift, is also for everyone. If you are new to the bike park, we recommend that you start with the beginners' route, with its low gradient and ascent via the Brecciara chairlift.

Baby Line and Fun Kids Area: fun for the little ones

At the Swup Bike Park, children can also find their ideal space, pedalling on the mini catwalks and bends of the Baby Line or jumping on the trampolines of the Fun Kids, a play area full of inflatables and slides. In the summer, the main attraction for children is snow tubing, the course equipped with donuts for sliding on a Neveplast track.

Bike Point Assistance and Wash Point: protection and cleanliness

Lastly, we would like to mention two areas: the Bike Point and Wash Point, near the Brecciara chairlift. In the first one you will find technical assistance, a guide ready to accompany you on the routes you choose, and the necessary equipment to tackle all the routes in complete safety. In the second you can remove all traces of dirt from your bike.

Finally, one last tip: enjoy your stay in the relaxation area with deckchairs and umbrellas and enjoy refreshments at the Abruzzo bike park's bar and restaurant. 

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