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Città Sant'Angelo


On the northern slope of the Saline River Valley, we can already see from afar the village of Città Sant'Angelo, perched atop a hill: from up there, once we arrive, a breathtaking panorama awaits us, amidst verdant heights and areas cultivated by the patient hand of man. Before entering the village, however, we will encounter the 16th-century Church of the Madonna della Pace, while in the centre we will be greeted by a verdant public park and the Church of St. Anthony, flanked by the former Franciscan convent hospital. Also worth seeing is the Collegiate Church, dedicated to St Michael Archangel and dating back to before the year One thousand. And then, just let yourself be carried away by the slow and pleasant atmosphere of the village, to fall in love with this enchanting place.

Città Sant'Angelo

65013 Città Sant'Angelo PE, Italia

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