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A village of traditions, good food, monuments, museums, but above all unspoilt nature, Morino, in the province of Aquila, offers many reasons to go and discover it. The heart of this town, however, is linked to its landscape: in fact, the village lies at the gates of the Zompo lo Schioppo Nature Reserve. Amidst beech and chestnut woods, peaks and streams, the reserve is a green oasis of immense beauty and its heart, the spectacle that fascinates most, is its waterfall that, starting from a karstic spring at the top of the hills, falls 80 metres creating the highest natural leap in the Apennines. And underground, the spectacle continues among caves, wells and dolines. In the reserve, it is possible to walk along various paths and visit an eco-museum, a multimedia centre that allows visitors to learn about the area and raise awareness of environmental protection.

Absolutely not to be missed! 


67050 Morino AQ, Italia

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