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Fara San Martino


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Also known as the "city of pasta" for the many pasta factories in the area, Fara San Martino presents itself with the scenic gorges of San Martino that loom behind it. Legend has it that the San Martino Strait was nudged open by the saint to make it easier for shepherds to access the mountain, and that even today the "footprints" of the saint's elbows are still visible: they are the potholes carved into the rock.

The San Martino gorges are the access point to the Vallone di Santo Spirito, which then rises up to the summit of Mount Amaro, within the Maiella National Park. The route to the summit is a long and strenuous one, but the first part is a pleasant walk to the ruins of the Benedictine Abbey of San Martino in Valle, which appears between limestone cliffs after a narrow section.

There are plenty of excursions (on foot, by mountain bike, on horseback), and Fara San Martino is without doubt a perfect destination for lovers of nature and outdoor activities. The impressive springs of the Verde River are also worth a visit. The historic centre is characterised by theancient medieval village of "Terravecchia", which can be accessed through the "Porta del Sole", and from the parish church of San Remigio. Alongside the Maiella Park Nature Museum, there is also the "Macaronium" Museum of Faresi Arts and Traditions dedicated to the pasta-makingtradition, a typical local product to be enjoyed in the town's restaurants.

Fara San Martino

66015 Fara San Martino CH, Italia

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