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Civitella Roveto


Civitella Roveto is a medieval village enclosed, like a treasure to be protected, by a massive system of fortified walls, which are still well preserved today and remind us of past centuries, the struggles of conquest, and the hard and endless battles. Today, the town is divided in two: the modern part, built after the earthquake of 1915, is on the right bank of the river, while the older part is on the opposite bank, on an isolated spur, as an additional defence against attacks. The centre tells its own story with the elegant mansions, the beautiful house portals hand carved by local stonemasons working the local stone, and the coats of arms and religious symbols on the lintels. Finally, as you stroll through the heart of the village, you will come across the characteristic votive niches, carved into the outer walls of the houses, in which sacred images are kept. A village that knows how to tell its story, Civitella - a village to discover.

Civitella Roveto

67054 Civitella Roveto AQ, Italia

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