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Walking among nature, between the Maiella National Park and the Trabocchi Coast 

Nestled between Pescara and L’Aquila, the province of Chieti is dotted with delightful villages among the most beautiful in Italy. The Castle of Roccascalegna, perched on a cliff overlooking the Abruzzo hills, is a fortress steeped in legend, often used as a location for films and television series precisely because of its unique position.

Guardiagrele, on the eastern border of the Majella National Park, is known as the city of wrought iron and copper, in recognition of the importance of metalworking in supporting the local economy over the centuries. And let’s not forget Rocca San Giovanni. This beautiful village near the Adriatic coast preserves traces of the passage of centuries and offers all who visit a stunning journey back in time.

Chieti is best discovered on foot, walking through the alleyways of the historic centre and the more modern part that has developed between Chieti Scalo, Santa Filomena, San Martino and Madonna delle Piane. Cycling enthusiasts can make the most of the Bike To Coast cycle route that crosses the Trabocchi Coast, which is named after the structures jutting out into the sea that were historically used for fishing.

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