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The historical essence of the village of Anghiari is narrated by an absence. It seems a paradox, but it is not, this tale involving Leonardo da Vinci and the Battle of Anghiari, which the master painted to adorn the rooms of Palazzo Vecchio: the painting, in fact, was lost due to a drying process that damaged it, but left its mystery and aura of legend. Today Anghiari, a village of great culture and beauty dominating the upper Tiber valley, is a journey back in time in an area rich in castles, medieval bridges and surrounded by spectacular nature. To enjoy this marvel to the fullest, the ideal thing is to jump on a bicycle and pedal: an appointment not to be missed, in this sense, is the Intrepida, a cycle-tourist pedal ride that takes place every year in October and that accompanies the discovery of the wonders of this territory.


52031 Anghiari AR, Italia

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