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Sutera is a village that encompasses beauty, art and... legends. The town welcomes us with the scenic belvedere of Piazza Sant'Agata, the Church of the same name, the ruins of the 15th-century Palazzo Salamone, and the Church of Maria SS. del Carmelo. Very special is the Rabato, a district founded by the Arabs around 860 AD. The Rabato had the classic characteristics of an Arab village: narrow alleys, terraces, houses with plaster walls: today many of these features have been buried by various layers of construction, but looking at the neighbourhood from the top of the mountain, something still reminds one of that period. After exploring other parts of the village, it remains to see the 'rocca spaccata o jacca - cleft rock', a hillock where the rock is separated in two by a gap, and tradition has it that this occurred with Jesus' last breath on the cross.


93010 Sutera CL, Italia

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