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In Sicilian Baroque, a stone's throw from the Aeolian Islands 

Founded by the Greeks in the 8th century BC, Milazzo was the protagonist of the battle of the same name in July 1860. The Castle of Frederick II, a fortress within the extensive enclosure of the Spanish walls, dominates the town.

The 18th-century Palazzo D'Amico, whose main floor houses Risorgimento relics belonging to Giuseppe Garibaldi, and the Old Cathedral, whose construction began in 1608, are inside the fortified city. The New Duomo, now a cathedral, dates to 1937. 

Many other religious buildings, mostly from the Baroque period, like the Church of the Most Holy Saviour, the Church of Our Lady of the Most Holy belong to the old town, or Spanish Town. Rosario, built in the 16th century and seat of the Inquisition Tribunal until 1782, and the Sanctuary of St Francis of Paola. Just outside the town, in contrada Masseria, is the Cuba di Milazzo, a Byzantine cubic building.  

The area stretches along a strip of land with some of the most beautiful beaches, like Baia del Tono beach and Piscina di Venere at Capo Milazzo with its marine reserve. From here, it is possible to visit the Aeolian Islands on a day trip across the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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98057 Milazzo ME, Italia

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