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The village of Ferla stands in a context of great natural and historical importance: in its vicinity is Pantalica, the largest rock necropolis in Europe, now a Unesco site. Strolling through the town's streets is the so-called Via Sacra, overlooked by elegant palazzi and five of the town's eight religious buildings. Many medieval elements were lost with the terrible earthquake of 1693, but the Vecchie Carceri district remains from this period, where, among narrow alleys, old houses and caves, the historic essence of the village is still enclosed: here you can still see the traditional dwellings with the doorway pierced to create a passage to the cat, or with the small windows on the door to look without being seen! Finally, you can taste the typical products, which tell of this hamlet's close bond with the land.


96010 Ferla SR, Italia

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