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Founded by the Arabs, the town of Cammarata is dominated by the medieval Norman castle which denounces its ancient origins. Within the built-up area, among the narrow alleys sloping towards the valley, baroque churches and palaces embellish the historical centre where, in the month of March, during the feast of St. Joseph, the simulacra of the Saint and the Madonna di Cacciapensieri, carried on the shoulders, make their way to the church of Maria SS. di Cacciapensieri amidst the festive crowd accompanying the procession, bestowing gifts in fulfilment of promises made. The surrounding areas, also rich in interesting emergencies, are characterized by the rock salt mines, the Quisquina Hermitage, and the Sicani Mountains Reserve, set up for the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity, where there are still the neviere (icehouses) formerly used to store ice.


92022 Cammarata AG, Italia

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