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Volpedo, AL, Italia


Surrounded by a generous countryside that has allowed the village to make a name for itself on the international market for its production of peaches, fragrant and of excellent quality, Volpedo, however, links its name to the history of art and in particular to the painter Giuseppe Pelizza. It was in a small square in the town that the illustrious painter painted his masterpiece, 'Il Quarto Stato' (The Fourth Estate), portraying the faces of the local peasants as, with dignity and determination, they go towards the Malaspina palace to make their case. Today this place is called 'Quarto Stato' in honour of the painting, the small square has been restored to its original splendour and a lamppost marks the exact position where Pellizza had placed his easel. A minor work by the painter is preserved in the parish church, while other works are housed in his studio, now a museum.

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