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Arriving in Mombaldone, it is the details that attract the traveller's eyes: the colours of the flowers that embellish windows and balconies, the enchanted silence that recalls the slow rhythms of bygone days, the stones of the ancient palazzi. Immersed in the fascinating landscape of the calanchi (gullies) like an island that suddenly emerges from the sea of tufa, Mombaldone is the only village in the Langa Astigiana that still preserves perfectly intact original walls. Passing through the centre with its narrow alleys and courtyards, one ascends towards the upper part of the town and, before arriving at the edge of the countryside, one finds the remains of the castle, partially demolished in 1637; in the centre once stood an imposing square tower, today little more than a ruin, which still hints at its ancient role as a sentinel. History, beauty and traditions, Mombaldone is a small treasure chest of wonders.


14050 Mombaldone AT, Italia

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