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garbagna (10)


Garbagna has a medieval heart, ancient, fascinating: it is its Contrada, where the old shops preserve their original layout and each building recounts in some detail the magic of past centuries. Towering over the town centre is the other symbol of the village's medieval roots, the Castle, dating back to the 9th century, which preserves the watchtower, the entrance gate and the walls. You get there with a pleasant walk and from here the view is wonderful and repays the effort of the climb. But Garbagna also has a gastronomic symbol, and it is its cherry: a Slow Food Presidium, it is deep red and has a juicy, crunchy texture. Note that it is still picked by hand by local youngsters who climb the trees with their reed baskets.

garbagna (10)

15050 Garbagna AL, Italia

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