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The village and the WWF Oasis

Guardaregia strikes already from afar, for its position so particular: close to a precipice, on the one hand, and protected by ancient oaks and beeches, on the other. One of the Three Friars, the oldest beech trees, is even 500 years old.

Enter the historic center to admire the Church of San Nicola, while the Church of the Madonna della Neve is located just outside the town. The first is dedicated to the patron saint, who today is celebrated on December 5 with the Bean of San Nicola, which opens the Bean Festival.

Since 1997, Guardiaregia is home to a WWF Oasis: more than 2,000 hectares of wild nature, including canyons, caves, waterfalls. Book an excursion with expert guides and head to Cul di Bove, Pozzo della Neve and Grotte Rumita.


86014 Guardiaregia CB, Italia

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