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In the footsteps of Manzoni

A group of houses, inhabited for the most part by fishermen, and adorned here and there with nets hung out to dry”. This is how, in The Betrothed, Alessandro Manzoni describes Pescarenico, a district on the outskirts of Lecco, overlooking the river Adda where it flows into the lake.

Pescarenico was home to the fictional Fra Cristoforo, who lived in the Capuchin Monastery, now the Church of Santi Materno e Lucia. It is from here that the protagonist of Manzoni’s novel pronounces his famous Farewell to the mountains, commemorated by a statue representing the two lovers fleeing from Don Rodrigo aboard a small boat.

Still today, Pescarenico does not betray its history as a fishing village. Among its narrow streets lined with small, colourful houses, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of times gone by. Many locals make their living from fishing and there are many traditional restaurants where you can sample typical lake fish dishes.

It is the perfect destination for a romantic break with your other half, admiring the sunset reflecting off the lake. If you visit in July, during the Sagra del Pescarench festival you can witness the famous Regata dei batei e delle lucie traditional boat race.


Piazza Era, 23900 Lecco LC, Italia


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