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As far as anyone can remember, 'la Tremezzina' has been the name for the area near Lake Como and its hinterland, centred on Tremezzo, one of the lake's main tourist destinations. Tremezzo, blessed with a mild climate thanks to the mountain range sheltering it from the masses of cold air, overlooks the water between the Dosso di Lavedo – where Villa del Balbianello is located – and just a short distance to the north, Menaggio, now recognised as an Orange Flag destination by the Italian Touring Club.

Since 2014, 'Tremezzina' has been the official name for the agglomeration of Tremezzo and the adjacent villages of Lenno, Mezzegra and Ossuccio – which includesIsola Comacina. The naming might be a little confusing, but it takes nothing away from the attractiveness or identity of these beautiful locations. These lakeside villages have always been associated with famous names such as Giuseppe Verdi, Queen Victoria of England or the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

Symbols of this historic fame are the Grand Hotel of Tremezzo, built in 1910 and renowned for its belle époque architecture, and of course Villa Carlotta, whose gardens are among the most beautiful, well-kept and enjoyable in Italy.


Tremezzina CO, Italia


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